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FAQ for the Next.js Discord Server

Non-Next.js Questions

Is there a Vercel discord server?

No, and the Next.js Discord server is focused on Next.js the framework only, not on Vercel the hosting provider, so questions like "How do I fix this error while deploying SvelteKit to Vercel?" are off-topic in the server. For Vercel specific questions we encourage you to seek suitable Vercel support channels.

How do I report a message or a person in the server to the moderation team?

It depends on what kind of thing you want to report.

  • If you want to report a message, right click the message (long tap on mobile) and select "Apps" → "Report". It will log the report and the moderation team will be able to see it, and non-mod members won't be able to see your report.

    Report message

    Please use this option for things you would like moderators to act on only. Do not abuse this option as a way to "soft-ping" to get moderators' attention on your question/query.

  • You can also ping moderators directly by mentioning @Moderator in your message. The "Report" option does not ping us (at the moment), so use this ping when you need immediate help from a moderator. Once again, only use the ping when you have something to report, do not use it to get attention to a technical question for example. You may get muted or more if you abuse this ping.

  • If you want to report a person, you can get moderator attention by either mentioning @Moderator or by going to #discord-feedback with a message like ``I would like to report a person.'' A moderator will give you further instructions.

How do I format my message nicely?

Most basic Markdown syntax is now supported by Discord, you should therefore use Markdown to format your message. Learn Markdown if you don't know it yet.

  • **bold** bold
  • _italic_ italic
  • __underline__ underline (this is not part of Markdown proper, but Discord does support it).
  • ~~strikethrough~~ strikethrough
  • ||spoiler|| for spoiler text (this is not part of Markdown proper, but Discord does support it).
  • `inline code` for inline code
  • # Heading 1 (and ## Heading 2, ### Heading 3, etc.) for headings. Use these sparingly.
  • <https://example.com> to add links. The < and > are there to disable embedding, which is often disruptive in the server where lots of messages are sent.
  • [text](<https://example.com>) for links with custom text. It will show up like this: text. Once again, the < and > are there to disable embedding.
  • > quote for blockquotes
  • * list for unordered lists
  • 1. list for ordered lists

Code blocks

This part is important. Since the server has a lot of code blocks being shared around, it's highly recommended that you style your code blocks correctly with syntax highlighting. To do so, you use the three backticks (```) syntax:

console.log("Hello world!");

The three backticks tell Markdown that the thing inside is a code block, and the js is there to support syntax highlighting. The above code block will look like this:

console.log("Hello world!");

In the Next.js Discord server, typically you would frequently use some of the following languages: js, jsx, ts and tsx, though other languages like diff, sh, etc. work fine too. Remove the language identifier if you don't want to add syntax highlighting (e.g. when you paste the build log).

How can I get the helper role?

The helper ⭐️ role is given to people who are recognised to be active and helpful to other members in the server. It doesn't have a hard rule in terms of eligility but generally speaking, you should be active in the server for a while, actively helping other members with answers that we recognise to be correct, helpful and have high quality (so if you are not sure the answer is correct, at least explicitly specify that; spreading misinformation is known to harm your chance if you intend to get this role in the future).

The number of accepted answers in the help forum is a big factor, but once again, there is no hard rule on if and when you get the role.

The helper role has a bit higher privileges than the normal member role, so we are very careful in giving it out. We seek your understandings.

Are the bots in the server open source and how can I contribute to them?

Yes the two bots specific to this server are open source.

We always welcome feedbacks and contributions, whether by discussion in #discord-feedback, or by code contribution to the repositories above.

This site is NOT an official Next.js or Vercel website. Learn more.

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