About nextjs-faq

This website is a collection of the answers that some active server members of the official Next.js server and I have for some of the most commonly asked questions on the server. I found myself answering these questions over and over again so I decided why not make something so I can simply answer with a URL instead.

The answers here are not affiliated with Vercel or the Next.js team. Since Next.js is evolving very fast, these answers might get outdated quickly. I try my best to keep them up to date but that is not always possible. If you find any errors or would like to make improvements, feel free to open an issue or make a pull request.

The content and all source code of this app are placed under CC0. Attribution, though not required, is appreciated.

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About the owner

I am @joulev, a Next.js user. I used to be an active helper and moderator in the Next.js server, which is when this site was created. I am no longer active in the server but I still try to keep this site up to date and I still welcome feedbacks and contributions.