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How to create a minimal reproduction repository?

How to create a minimal reproduction repository?

  1. Start from your current repository that has the issue.

  2. Is it hard to set up your repository? If so, you should simplify it to such a state that it is as trivial as possible to set the repository up.

    In the case of Next.js, it would mean I can simply git clone it and pnpm install then pnpm dev normally and I can see the problem on the screen. Unless the problem is related to a connection to the backend or a database or any environment variables, it is a bad idea to require extra configurations like that in your reproduction repository.

  3. Gradually remove seemingly irrelevant parts from your code, in small chunks.

    • Go from the most obvious ones first. If the problem is related to a form in /contact, you probably don't need to include the code for /about or /blog in your reproduction repository.

    • If you are using a monorepo, please simplify it to a single package repository, unless the problem is related to the monorepo structure itself.

    • If the problem is related to a form and that form only, other parts of the page (header, footer, etc.) are irrelevant. You can remove them.

    • Is the problem related to styling? If no, you can remove all the styling code. The reproduction repository shouldn't contain your custom Bootstrap theme.

    • Et cetera.

  4. After each time you remove a chunk out of your code, try to reproduce the problem. At one point it will vanish. That's when you know where the bug is hiding at. Revert the change that makes the problem go away, now your repository should already be pretty minimal.

  5. But still, I would recommend you to make it even more minimal. Knowing where the problem hides, you should remove other parts of the code where possible, again in small chunks. Of course, remember to ensure the problem is still reproducible after each removal, and revert any changes that make the problem go away.

  6. Now, if there is still business logic inside your code, you should replace it with dummy data where possible.

  7. Upload your reproduction repository to GitHub and share it with the person who sent you the link to this article. Please also share how to get the necessary environment variables and the steps to set up the repository, if any.

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